Jeremiah Films – Producer of Conservative Documentaries Since 1978


First, introduce yourself and tell us about your role with Jeremiah Films.

My name is Joshua Matrisciana and I am the COO of Jeremiah Films since 2010.

Tell us a little about Jeremiah Films.

My Parents, Pat and Caryl, started Jeremiah Films in 1978, and it has been a family-run company from the beginning. We’ve been a Christian documentary company since starting on Film, transitioning to Beta, VHS, DVD and now currently moving into the wireless age of digital video.

How long have you been producing documentaries?

Patrick has been involved in almost 200 projects, and Jeremiah Films has produced almost 100 of those documentaries since the 70’s.


How did you first get interested in producing conservative documentaries? 

Pat tells an anecdote of the first time he realized that there needed to be a Christian influence in the media when, during his time witnessing in Berkley, CA (where he was branded as the first “Jesus Freak” by the national media) he witnessed a radio reporter blatantly fictionalizing the events right in front of them.

Which came first, the books or the films?

Caryl has been the foremost researcher and has authored several books, but film has always been the media platform of choice for us.

How many films and books does Jeremiah Films have available for sale?

Jeremiah Films has almost 200 products available in our catalog, mostly documentaries, but we also have over a dozen books for sale, most giving additional information on the documentaries that share their name.


How often do you produce new film projects?

We’ve been going through a sort of phoenix rebirth, and producing new content is really our next big step. Our most recent film was produced in 2010 called PopCulture Paganism, and is the first of a series. We hope to have the second film completed by the end of this year.

Do you produce all your own films and books or do you distribute other projects?

We have produced about half of the films we currently have in our catalog, but are usually personally friends and partners with the producers (and experts) of the majority of the films we distribute.

Which documentary do you feel has had the greatest impact?

Considering lasting impact, I would say our top most influential films are:

The Godmakers (I & II)

Freemasonry: From Darkness to Light

Halloween Trick or Treat (The Pagan Invasion Series)

The Clinton Chronicles


Which documentary do you have the great personal connection?

The Clinton Chronicles is probably the most meaningful to me personally, only because of how close to home this project came. Our cameraman and several key witnesses were murdered during the production and this opened my eyes at a young age to the reality of evil in this world, and the backlash that those who stand to oppose it will most certainly feel.

What is your goal for Jeremiah Films?

As COO of this company, it is my burning, life-long passion and desire to see Truth broadcast.  We’re in an age where misinformation, media bias, propaganda, slanted opinions and censorship is quietly, and unrelentingly becoming ingrained into our global culture. We are at a unique time in world history, and even moreso now than ever before, the Truth needs to be proclaimed and an unadulterated gospel is in dire need of preaching.


Anything else you’d like to share?

The name Jeremiah Films is labeled after “the crying prophet” Jeremiah, who, by all standards, was a failure. No one listened to his prophecies, he was ridiculed, thrown into a well, abducted to a foreign land against the proclamation of God and seemingly his words constantly fell on deaf ears. But, he obeyed God. And this is the key point, that wherever the word of God is preached, there is also a remnant true to God. As my father likes to put it, “when you shine a light in a dark place, all the cockroaches scatter.”

This is our ministry, to bring the gospel of Light to a dark world, and to partner with those like-minded individuals who share the passion to see the Kingdom of Heaven come.


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