Tyler Roberds – Actor, Director


Tell us about your role in “Pawn’s Move”.

I play the role of Jimmy Davis (Pawn) in Pawns Move, who was taken in by his mentor Harvey as a teenager. Harvey teaches him about God and how to run a business. He’s the father he never had until he losses him and is once again on his own.

What is your acting background?

My first role was in 2008 in a movie titled “Find Me”, I’ve been in about a dozen films since.

How are you like/different than your character?

In the film, my character has a line that says “I’m just trying to move towards the goodness of God”. In my real life I also strive to grow closer and closer to the Lord and make the moves that He wants for me.


What is your favorite scene in Pawn’s Move?

I don’t know if I have a favorite scene in particular but I enjoyed all the scenes with “Wanda” and “Harvey” very much.

Have you had strangers recognize you from the movie? What has been the response from people who know you?

I have been approached by strangers who recognize me from “Pawns Move”. Mostly only my family hear about the films I’m a part of, I’m more of a private person so the people I see day to day don’t know I act. But my family is very supportive and enjoyed it very much.

How did you get involved in in film acting?

Since I was a young boy Halloween was my favorite Holliday (simply because we could dress up). I was always intrigued with portraying another person or character so filmmaking and acting had always been something I wanted to do.


Have you been involved in other faith-based films? If so, which films, and what was your role?

Yes, my very first film was a faith based film titled “Find Me”. I also just directed a film of my own film that is currently in post production. it was co-written with a friend and it has a faith based message as well.

How does working on faith-based films differ from working on secular projects?

A lot of the time it can be night and day. Not only the message of the film, but you can feel the presence of the Lord with the cast and crew on a faith based film. It’s a totally different mood on set.

What has been your favorite acting role? Why?

“Pawns Move” of course! Ha, I’ve enjoyed working on most the films I’ve been a part of, but I did love the story of Jimmy Davis and portraying this character very much.

Is acting a full time pursuit or a part time hobby?

Film making in general is a full time pursuit and I would like to direct as well as continue to act.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not on set?

Spending time with my lovely wife and beautiful daughter.

What is your film goal or ambition?

I feel very strongly that the Lord has given me a passion for movie making and has called me to tell stories through media and show the Love of Christ to anyone who will listen.

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