I Was Broken


My name is Kevin Haskin, I’m a Writer/Producer/Director whose had 5 short films produced, and 3 feature films. My company, KeJo Productions was established in 2004 along with my wife Jo Haskin, and is coming up on its 10th year in business.  For I WAS BROKEN, I wrote, directed, produced and edited the film.

What is your filmmaking background?

My filmmaking background started in 1997 when I wrote my first feature, “Days of the Dandelion.” It was here that I found out that there was some talent inside me for film. I hold a BA in Journalism/Graphic Design, so the artist was always in me, as well as an extreme love for film. After working in the design world for a couple years, I moved into the corporate world. There I lost my creative outlet which brings us full circle back to 1997 and the need to write. After writing my first screenplay, it was emailed out to a trusted group of friends already working in the film industry (these are the kind of people that love you, but don’t hold back on criticism.) Well, the saw the potential in my writing and I was off.

In 2004, after writing several screenplays, I got the urge to direct. This came about because I was seeing the images I was writing so vividly, that I wanted to see if I could translate that to live action at the helm of the director’s seat To make things easy and affordable, I wrote a short film called “Training Wheels.” “TW’s” went on to win several awards in a handful of film festivals, which furthered my resolve and confidence, that we should really be doing this as a career, and not a hobby.” After 5 short films and several awards, Jo and I decided to quit our corporate jobs in 2007 and follow our passion. Our next step was making a feature, “Sensored,” followed by “Rogue River,” and then finally “I Was Broken.”

Currently, I’m touring and fielding distribution offers for I WAS BROKEN, and for the last two years, in between producing my films, Jo has been working on some big Reality TV shows. We split time between Roseville, Ca (15 minutes from Sacramento, Ca), and Hermosa Beach, CA. (15 mins from Los Angeles.)


How did the idea for I Was Broken come into being?

I WAS BROKEN came about for a couple of really important reasons.

One: as a directing material for me. (I passed myself up on the first two features, one reason was because I never intended on directing any genre except drama, and two, I wanted to make sure the director was a little more edgy. The content deserved the write director.

Two: after making the prior two features, I wanted to get back to my roots. It took me making these darker films to realize that I wasn’t really following my heart and giving God his due grace. I fell into the impressionable side of things where I was drinking the Kool-Aid and thought you had to make dark horrific films to be successful.  So, I wanted to make a good faith based film, because a lot of Christian Films I see are really cheesy and lack production value, good acting, and realistic flawed characters. Our films are made for not much, but they always look like we spent $2-5 million on them. So we had a big part of the winning formula in our amazing Director of Photography and great, great friend, Brian Hamm (he’s shot all of my films.)

Once I agreed within that I was going to direct a faith-based film, I wanted to make sure I could get it done, without having to raise a lot of money. So, I did what was necessary, and focused on two characters, used the locations I had, compiled my close-knit group of talented filmmakers (7 crew including talent was used for IWB), and we set a date and made the film.


Do you have a personal connection with the subject?

Yes! I have an older brother, so I could relate to the family dynamic, as well, a lot of the sub plot is due to some experiences within my in-laws. I basically asked myself one question: If I committed the worst possible act, or made the worst decision ever, and it cost my older brother everything he loved, what would happen to me? And then it hit me, that would completely break me, and what would happen to my faith, and what would happen to his?

 Where did you do your filming? 

We filmed in 3 locations, Roseville, Ca. for 8 days, Lucerne Valley, Ca, for 7 days, and Moss Beach, Ca, for 1 day.

How did you assemble your actors/crew?

We filmed with 5 crew (dir, dp, prod, sound, PA), and 2 talented actors, that pitched in a great deal with more than acting. All of the crew and actors, excluding PA, are close friends and having been working in the film industry for many years.


Describe a typical day of filming.

A typical day of filmmaking was 12 hours and under. Since I had to be my own First AD, I had the luxury of scheduling the day, and I’m not a big fan of filming crazy hours, in fact, I like to call it at 10 hours. My reasoning is, the creative process suffers if you work too much and move too quickly.

 What is your favorite aspect of filmmaking?

With the prior paragraph on the typical day of filmmaking, my favorite part of filmmaking, rehearsing, was the reason I was able to provide such a lax environment on set. We blocked the film into two different segments. The first 8 days we shot in November, 2011. The second block in March of 2012. Leading up to both blocks, I was able to have the two main actors rehearse 3-days a week for the five weeks leading up to shooting. This allowed me to have all of my blocking solidified, and all of the story elements completely worked out before filming. As well, I used my Flip Cam to record all of the rehearsals, so I was able to cut together different angles to see what was working and what wasn’t. Doing this homework allowed us to really cook during principle photography, and make the experience an amazing one!!

What is your goal for I Was Broken?

Our goal from the begging was to make a solid and professional film with good acting, realistic characters and extremely high production value. Our business plan was to not worry about distribution, and travel church to church setting up screenings and partnering with the church to recoup our investment, give to the church, and raise money for charity. That is exactly what is happening at the moment. Our first screening was a huge success as 350 people showed up. We have 3 screenings set for April.


How can people learn more about I Was Broken?

Interested viewers can visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/IWasBroken2?ref=ts&fref=ts and they can visit our official website at: http://www.iwasbroken.com to view the trailer and learn more about the filmmakers, as well as my mission statement for making the film.




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