Have you ever had a dream, a vision for your life, that seemed perfect, and yet God said “no” or “not now”? Yeah, me too. As a college student I had my life all figured out. I was going to change the world as a writer and speaker. I would have this amazing ministry. I knew it was of God, and yet, try as I would, all my best efforts were met with “not now”.

I figured I just needed more education, so I registered for seminary, but before I could get there, God brought Fred into my life, and next thing I knew, I was getting married, not to a preacher, but a businessman with a broadcast communications degree. It made no sense. But I knew from the peace God gave me that it was the right thing to do. Ten years later, we made our first movie.

I never intended to be a filmmaker. It was never part of my plan. But God paired me with a businessman who had a dream to make movies. He made it clear that filmmaking was what I was supposed to do. So that’s what I did. We made seven feature films together. At some point I realized that film was my ministry. God’s took our humble films and spread them around the world. They’ve gone places I’ll never go, reached people I’ll never meet, and impacted lives in ways I’ll never know this side of heaven. As grand as my dream was, God’s vision was even bigger.


I tell stories from a female perspective striving to impact lives through the power of film. Each of these stories embraces the challenges and struggles of being a woman.

Sharon is so encouraging. As she presented her amazing life story, her words were stirring and uplifting. How God’s plan prevailed, unfolding in her life story, was presented as comfortably as “the girl next door”—but what an awesome neighbor! Sharon’s easy and comfortable style in communicating with an audience, made an entertaining informative session. And her beauty shines like Light from within.

Pamela Randolph – Christian Women in Media

Our church was so thrilled for Sharon & Fred Wilharm to come and speak, as well as show their latest film, Summer of ’67. Not only was her story moving, we were so grateful the way the film raised conversation and brought people of all ages together. We were brought to both tears and laughter, and I hope we can have them back sometime!

Meghan Weyerbacher – Author of Organic Love

Sharon Wilharm wows an audience, and they can’t help but be drawn in. The ways she teaches…the stories, the visuals—worth hearing and seeing!

Hannah Conway – Best Selling Author

I first met Sharon in the summer of 2018 when we were both speakers at the Great Lakes Christian Film Festival. Sharon was there to discuss promotion and marketing of films, but her insight, knowledge and experience could be utilized not just for film, but for any product or service.

DonnaMarie Vaughan – Screenwriter
Young filmmakers Colt and Crimson Rose Sugg at Summer of '67 red carpet premiere

Ms. Sharon Wilharm is an inspiring woman who shines God’s love! I absolutely love what she shared, it was founded in truth and very encouraging!

Crimson Rose Sugg – Filmmaker

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